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Environmental Activities
Commitment to Environmental Activities

Tateho declares its commitment to environment protection and its desire to contribute to global environment conservation under “ISO 14001”, the global standard for environment management systems.
All employees of the Tateho Group are committed to environment conservation by complying with manuals and related documents, and give their wholehearted support to industry activities, from manufacturing, research and development to sales and after-sales service. We are also working hard to produce environmentally friendly products and create a company that can recycle the Earth’s resources efficiently.

Symbol of Tateho Group Environmental Activities

In 2002, Tateho Group was awarded ISO 14001 certification, the global standard for environment management systems. With this certification as a guideline, group companies devote themselves to conservation by reducing Tateho’s impact on the environment.


Tateho Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
Certificate No.: 00441-2002-AE-KOB-RvA Rev.1

Certification date: March 7, 2002

This certificate is valid for the following product or service ranges:

For Tateho Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.: Manufacture, development and administration of the following products - electrofused magnesia, electrofused zirconia, electrofused calcia, and magnesia and magnesium hydroxide.
For Tateho Ceramic CO., LTD.: Manufacture of ceramic molding products.


Environmental Policy 

■Basic Philosophy
Tateho Group regards environment conservation as one of our management priorities, and is committed to reducing any negative environmental effects that might arise in the course of our business activities. We are also committed to providing environmentally friendly products, promoting environment conservation and pollution control, and contributing to the creation of a society where people and nature happily coexist.

■Basic Policy
We strive to save resources and energy, reduce waste, promote recycling, and control air and water pollution throughout the Tateho Group, from research and development, manufacturing to the sales of magnesium compounds and related products, and promote environmental conservation and pollution control through the following activities.

1. 1. Identify the environmental effects of our business operation, and establish goals and benchmarks for environment conservation, and make continuous improvements by actively working to:
(1)Reduce, reuse and recycle wastes
(2)Reduce the use of energy and resources
(3)Promote environment pollution control
(4)Observe environment laws and levels agreed to with local governments and municipalities in relation to business operations
(5)Develop environmentally friendly products
2. Develop an environment management program to achieve the set goals and benchmarks, carry it out systematically, and review regularly.
3. Establish an organizational structure to maintain the environment management system.
4. Raise the awareness of all employees regarding environmental policy, and provide education and training opportunities to help strongly motivate them to act in accordance with such policy.
5. Document the environment policy, and disseminate it widely to all employees and the general public.
6. Review the environment policy regularly.

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